HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 color MFP M775 series - Checklist for solving fax problems

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Checklist for solving fax problems

Use the following checklist to help identify the cause of any fax-related problems you encounter:

Are you using the fax cable supplied with the fax accessory? This fax accessory has

been tested with the supplied fax cable to meet RJ11 and functional specifications. Do not

substitute another fax cable; the analog-fax accessory requires an analog-fax cable. It also

requires an analog phone connection.

Is the fax/phone line connector seated in the outlet on the fax accessory? Make

sure that the phone jack is correctly seated in the outlet. Insert the connector into the outlet until it


Is the phone wall jack working properly? Verify that a dial tone exists by attaching a

phone to the wall jack. Can you hear a dial tone, and can you make or receive a phone call?