HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 color MFP M775 series - What type of phone line are you using?

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What type of phone line are you using?

Dedicated line: A standard analog fax/phone line assigned to receive or send faxes.


The phone line should be for product fax use only and not shared with other types of

telephone devices. Examples include alarm systems that use the phone line for notifications to a

monitoring company.

PBX system: A business-environment phone system. Standard home phones and the fax

accessory use an analog phone signal. Some PBX systems are digital and might not be compatible

with the fax accessory. You need to have access to a standard analog phone connection to be

able to send and receive faxes.

Roll-over lines: A phone system feature where a new call "rolls over" to the next available line

when the first incoming line is busy. Try attaching the product to the first incoming phone line. The

fax accessory answers the phone after it rings the number of times set in the rings-to-answer



Roll-over lines can cause problems with receiving faxes. Using roll-over lines with this

product is not recommended.