HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 color MFP M775 series - Fax error messages on the product control panel

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Fax error messages on the product control panel

If the fax process is interrupted or an error occurs during a fax transmission or reception, a two-part

status/error description is generated by the fax subsystem on the product. Normal or successful faxes

also generate messages indicating success. The message information consists of a text description and

a numeric code (a few messages do not include numeric codes). Only the text part of the message is

displayed on the product control panel; however, both the text message and numeric code are listed in

the Fax Activity Report, Fax Call Report, and the Fax T.30 Trace. The numeric code is shown in

parentheses after the text part of the message in the reports.

The fax modem generates the numeric code. Usually a numeric code of (0) indicates a normal modem

response. Some messages always display a numeric code of (0), other messages can have a range of

numeric codes, and a few messages have no numeric code. Usually a numeric code of (0) indicates an

error was not associated with the fax modem, but occurred in another part of the fax system or other

product sytem such as the printing system. Non-zero error codes give further detail into the particular

action or process that the modem is executing, and they do not necessarily indicate that there is a

problem with the modem.

Persistent error messages with numeric codes different than those listed here require assistance of

customer support. Print a Fax T.30 Trace report before contacting customer support to help identify the

problem. This report contains details of the last fax call.


From the Home screen on the product control panel, scroll to and touch the




Open the following menus:



Fax T.30 Trace


Select the

Print T.30 Report

option to print the report.


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